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SentriLock is the official lockbox solution for Greater Piedmont REALTORS®. As the leading electronic lockbox manufacturer and leading provider of property access management solutions, SentriLock operates in support of Realtors® and the industry, offering an easy to use, reliable and secure system.


SentriLock contracts with local REALTOR® Associations or MLSs to provide its products and services to REALTORS® . You can purchase lockboxes through Greater Piedmont REALTORS®, where staff members can then authorize you for the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App, which allows you to manage your Lockbox inventory, view access logs, and control your personal settings related to lockbox features and more.

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Lockbox Reciprocity

Reciprocity is a mutual exchange of privileges. With SentriLock specifically, it means that when a Realtor® joins an association they not only have access to properties in the jurisdiction that they hold membership with, but access to properties in other jurisdictions, (as long as they have a real estate license in that state), without having to apply for membership at the local association in the area they are interested in touring.




  • My lockbox is not working properly. What do I do?
    • Call SentriLock at 877-736-8745 and have them troubleshoot with you. They will let you know whether you will need to follow up with GPR for next steps.
  • How do I replace the batteries in my lockbox?
    • Click here for info on battery replacement

  • How do I Ensure the App works with no/low cell service?
    • All users should open their SentriKey® Real Estate app each day before leaving home or the office by launching the SentriKey® Real Estate app on your mobile device. By authenticating in this manner, your credentials are good for 24 hours. By doing so, when interacting with the SentriLock Bluetooth® lockbox, it requires only a Bluetooth connection to open the key door, even if you're out of cell coverage.  Once at your location with no/low cell coverage put your phone on "airplane" mode.
  • I need to transfer my lockbox(es) to another agent. How do I do that?
    • If you are an Agent, you can transfer one or all of your lockboxes to another active Agent in your association or to no owner.  Click here to learn how to transfer lockbox ownership.

  • How do I access a non-Bluetooth (navy blue) lockbox without a SentriCard® Key?
    Despite the retirement of the SentriCard®, all previous generations of SentriLock’s® lockboxes can continue to be accessed, including those without Bluetooth® connectivity, by using the SentriKey® Real Estate app. Non-Bluetooth NXT lockboxes can be accessed through app-generated codes entered via the lockbox keypad.

    The process for accessing non-Bluetooth NXT lockboxes without a SentriCard® is the same in areas with no cell phone coverage. However, obtaining access requires more advanced planning and you may not always know in advance if you are going to an area with no cell phone coverage. Non-Bluetooth lockboxes can still be accessed through app-generated codes entered via the lockbox keyboard. However, you would need to generate the code before you go to the property and lose cell coverage.

  • How do I dispose of my lockboxes?
    • Click here for info on lockbox disposal.


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